innovative film austria 21/22

The latest IF catalogue is more colorful than the last one, the pure numbers are (not quite) the same – they show that more films than ever are sponsored by the film department of the arts division of the Austrian ministry. Here you can see […]

Movie posters

Since 1995 I have the pleasure to design the movie posters for Manfred Neuwirth, beginning with Tibetan Recollections, the first part of the [ma]Trilogy, followed by manga train, magic hour and many others – until the latest movie lava flow.

IF – innovative film austria

photo (R) © Joerg Burger More than an annual report, IF is a catalogue of outstanding films, mostly produced by the directors themselves – sometimes the work of students, often showing a very personal involvement. What starts with the plain numbers – films supported by […]

IF 20 | 21

15 years of “innovative films for future” – certified papers for the catalogue and a web-based app for your mobile phone – IF’s statement for the best of our planet.

The sea …

… only tells about the sea – installation by Manfred Neuwirth at Medienwerkstatt Wien and the media belonging to it: postcard, poster and a (mighty, first off disturbing) banner.        

IF 19 | 20

INNOVATIVE FILM AUSTRIA proudly presents: Stylish as ever, acknowledged worldwide – artistic films from Austria for the next decade. See whole catalog here.        

O mar …

… só fala do mar | The sea only talks about the sea | Das Meer erzählt nur vom MeerPortugal, Austria 2019  3 channel video installation69 min (loop)Latest work by Manfred Neuwirth

Gut Arenshorst

Digitization makes agriculture more sustainable. Gut Arenshorst stands for the connection between nature and technology. The old manor from the 17th century is today a technical gem with a modern biogas and photovoltaic system. The challenge for the graphic design was to create a corporate […]

Game, set, victory

Serve, attack, return – the Federer Festival in Halle is starting. A powerful visual language for strong players in a special edition for weekly Welt am Sonntag.


03/2017: NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services is now a member of Crisis and Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA) and the new website goes online – branded, designed and programmed by Walter Lendl. We have been the designer for the media agency since it was founded. The logo, […]

Back to basics

IF 18 | 19 reduces it to the max: just one color on grey cardboard – the latest annual report of innovative film austria is pure and concentrated, as is the content …

Business cards

Business card for Ulrike Erben, art buyer; Café Bistro 1900 (in the neighbourhood); Gisela Twellmeyer, systemic coach; member card for Medienwerkstatt Wien; Manfred Neuwirth, film-maker; five examples of everyday design challenges …

What remains

The Federal Association of German Foundations presents the highlights of its members’ activities in the field of “cultural heritage” – as a supplement to the daily DIE WELT and its own magazine. Creative direction, layout and production: Walter Lendl

Gründerszene – the growth ranking

“The digitization of the economy is making great strides. Many experts say that we are still in the early stages of a development that will change our lives dramatically. But the pole positions in the markets are now being filled. Gründerszene reports daily on booming […]

Blind Date

Poster for one the of famous SalonkonzertAV events in Admiralkino in Vienna – this time a blind date between filmmaker Mara Mattuschka & musician Elisabeth Schimana. In the gallery: pictures of the posters for the previous evenings.


POSITION_N is a series of DVD publications by Medienwerkstatt Wien, continued with the latest film by Manfred Neuwirth and more positions in modern art and media – one in memoriam of Eva Brunner-Szabo, two for the fans of SalonkonzertAV – or those who missed the […]

Special Supplements

For many years we have been designing newspaper supplements and advertorials for the daily newspaper DIE WELT and the weekly “Welt am Sonntag” of Axel Springer SE, formerly also for “Berliner Morgenpost”, which has since been sold to the Funke media group. The figures show […]

Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film

Once upon a year, we are on our way to Graz to accompany the festival of Austrian film. Since 1998 the overview of the production year takes place in the lovely capital of Styria – and since then up designers berlin-wien provided the branding for […]

La cucina verde

Best Italian vegetable recipes by Carlo Bernasconi, illustrated by Larissa Bertonasco, design by Walter Lendl. 192 pages of the most likeable dishes of the Italian kitchen without meat, put together by the passionate cook and book-lover Carlo Bernasconi, who owns the restaurant „Cucina e Libri“ […]

Not only a website showing and commenting on the agenda of the European Union (and Great Britain), but also a printed weekly. Walter Lendl was in charge for art direction and production in the beginning of the project. The design of the first dozen of […]

Career opportunities

The job section of “Berliner Morgenpost” is printed in the so-called Tabloid format – which is half size of the daily. The layout stretches the boundaries of the daily routine, aiming to a more open magazine style. The opener – title and topic of the […]

It’s tea time …

… or do you prefer a glass of water? Infographics on two newspaper pages (centerfold) in the special supplements of the daily newspaper DIE WELT on the topics of “Tea” and “Mineral Water” (in two versions, the first one for the year 2015, the second […]


Weekly magazine „Karriere-Welt“ was published as a section of daily Newspaper „Die Welt“, being part of the weekend edition, from 2008 until the end of 2012 – showing career opportunities and valuable articles for the highly skilled workers, like executive and department managers, professors or […]