MW 01/13

Medienwerkstatt Wien starts the year with a series of shows describing the different approaches of their work: avantgarde cinema from Japan, documentaries from Austria, discussions with students.

In the making

Printing is finished, the annual report of „innovative film austria“ (if) will be delivered in several days. Here you can see some impressions from the printing works at Remaprint/Vienna.


The Magazine of Oppurtunities – Job News for the Young Professionals presented in challenging design – for the Weekend edition of quality paper „Die Welt“ edited by Axel Springer AG.

Berliner Morgenpost »Karriere«

The job supplement of the city’s leading daily »Berliner Morgenpost« was enlarged and redesigned in February, aiming at the highly emerging crowd of new inhabitants – coming from all over Europe, young and looking for alternative ways to earn a living. Art Direction, photo editing and design by up designers berlin-wien – every Sunday on the newsstands!


Season’s Greetings from the first German Litigation PR company, telling the story of the name, a story dealing with Charlie Parker and his first wife. The logo (as a cutout on the first page) gives an insight what is going on behind the public.

lunar society

DVD cover for a music video by Manfred Neuwirth, music by Modell Doo. Shot in Lhasa, Tibet, the film is a semi-abstract celebration of the various movements and dances of water, colour, and light. The song, composed of electronic sizzles, sampled voices and fragments of piano, drum and choir music, is dedicated to The Lunar Society of Birmingham, founded in 1765.

if 11/12

Annual report for „innovative film austria“ (if), the catalogue of films financied by the arts department of the Austrian ministry for education, arts and culture: a shiny silver envelope with luminous orange letters – a symbol for successful film funding.

scapes and elements

Poster [A1] – Manfred Neuwirth’s „scapes and elements“ presents the viewer with a series of panoramas of nature – five prolonged glimpses of open landscapes. 5 x 10 minutes, Sound Christian Fennesz.


A series of 4 DVDs – each volume focusing on different themes such as documentary, avantgarde films or distinguished works. N means Niederösterreich (Lower Austria).

Walter Lendl designed the logo, business cards, stationary and the bi-annual preview of the publishing „house of beautiful books“ from 2007 to 2011

Career Opportunities

Since 2010 Walter Lendl works as an Art Director for the supplements of Welt-Gruppe (Axel Springer AG), i.e. photo editing, designing and producing weekend magazines for Berliner Morgenpost, Welt and Welt am Sonntag.

Visiting friends, cooking with them and getting the recipes – that was the idea of Gabi Kopp. And the result is an astonishing cookbook with wonderful illustrations of the people and the food.