School’s out

2014 Summer Special of Karriere supplement about job opportunities for young adults in search of apprenticeship – Wanted, not found.

Bilder der flüchtigen Welt

Manfred Neuwirth will be honored at Diagonale 2014 as one of the most versatile Austrian film artists in presence – this is a teaser for the workbook, soon to be published and designed by Walter Lendl.

IF 13/14

IF (Innovate Film Austria) 13/14 – the latest annual report from the film department of the Ministry of Arts, Education and the Culture – soon to be seen at festivals all over the world …

World Aids Day

On December 1, the World Aids Day, „Of Living, Loving, Dying – 20 Years Later“ saw its first public screenings. The film by Manfred Neuwirth & Walter Hiller shows a picture of current life in the last two decades, painted by those who survived.

Behavior Setting

Carla Bobadilla: „Emergency Sale“ + Petra Buchegger: „The Maternal Makes Everything Flourish“ at Medienwerkstatt Wien, 2013/11/30 – 2013/12/16, installments, videos, objects.

Special edition of daily newspaper Die Welt accompanying the start-up meeting „Hy! Berlin“ – Design: Walter Lendl


DVDs no. 5 to 7 of the series featuring a documentation about Marienthal (1930-80), an interview-portrait of renown director Ulrich Seidl and a compilaton of works dealing with „home“ using footage of historical films.

Picture Perfect Sound

Exhibition at Medienwerkstatt Wien, March 2 – 18, 2013

How and why

Invited to a pitch for the re-design of the book series WAS IST WAS we presented 3 different propositons for the covers and two typografic variations. Unfortunately the publishers decided to go for a more childish design – which will not be successful in the long run, as we think.

Extra Aus- und Weiterbildung

Two special editions of „Karriere“ – 40 pages about apprenticeship and advanced training – as part of the „Berliner Morgenpost“.

Der unaussprechliche Vulkan

So spricht man Eyjafjalljökull aus:

Alternativlink zur MP3-Datei

if 12/13

Finally the printed work arrived, bound in elegant paper, smooth to touch, lovely to look at, easy to work with due to the binding – the sixth annual report of the film department of bm:ukk (Austria) designed by Walter Lendl.