Business Equipment

Christa Auderlitzky manages distribution, festivals, and sales for young Austrian filmmakers all over the world:

Doggy Style

A book called „Ohrenzeugen“, an exhibition entitled „Hundmuseum“ and a big collection of amateur photos – when passion meets graphic design, Karl Ulbl is at the forefront of pictures. Look what he got:

space shuttle 2.0

my room my space – a series of film and video programmes about inner and outer worlds, followed by democracy now! and lines went through lines. Plus: Künstlerhaus Dortmund in residence at Medienwerkstatt Wien. Design: Walter Lendl

Video Edition Austria 02

2009 sees the release 02 of VIDEO EDITION AUSTRIA [693:25 min] featuring 72 films by 79 artists, released between 2002 and 2008, chosen from about 500 submissions. 4 DVDs, 4 colours, one concept, a stright picture for a lot of information.


Die Skulpturen der Maler: Das Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden zeigt bis zum 26. Oktober 2008 Gemälde und plastische Arbeiten von Picasso, Matisse, Kirchner u.a. als Dialog der Kunstgattungen.

Settings for a couple of scenes by Gerda Lampalzer and Manfred Oppermann – part of the project „Naked Cinema“ taking place at Open Air im Augarten in Vienna, July 8-18, 2008


südliche steiermark – severna štajerska, ed. Renate Ilsinger, design: Karl Ulbl

the south of Styria, a lovely region known for pumpkins, (sour) wine and smooth hills – the Toscany of Austria. a punch of artists, writers and organic farmers lives there as well as traditional wine growers and even some old people who still speak a Slovenian dialect that survived all the years since the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Contributions from well-known writers like Alfred Kolleritsch, Friedrich Achleitner, Gerhard Roth, Klaus Weiß, Drago Jančar and Aleš Šteger, pictures by G. Linshalm, B. Pucelj + A. Rebolj.

Sixpack on Top

Once in a while (i.e. nearly every month) Sixpack Film presents a couple of new short (mostly avant-garde and documentary) films in Viennese Top-Kino – here you see the flip side of the invitation cards – you find the schedules on the back side.

Valie Export

Finally she gets the respect she deserves – even in her home country – forty years after she started her career, Filmmuseum Vienna shows a retrospective of her film and video works, accompanied by a live performance and book presentation.

Rock Me Amadeus

28 artists transform the spirit of Mozart into 1-minute-films – an hommage to the most popular composer of all times, 250 years after his birth.

Ein Tag Honig – Ein Tag Zwiebel

Honey today – Onions tomorrow. A small book about big words: Allegories and proverbs from 15 different cultures, printed in 30 colours and multiple characters. Selected as one of the most beautiful Austrian books 2004.

Up, up and away

This is not the end – it’s the beginning of it all. Here are some photos for a start …