Special edition of daily newspaper Die Welt accompanying the start-up meeting „Hy! Berlin“ – Design: Walter Lendl

Poster, program and all the printed gadgets of the latest edition of Vienna Queer Film Festival were designed by Karl Ulbl, just like every second year since 1994.


DVDs no. 5 to 7 of the series featuring a documentation about Marienthal (1930-80), an interview-portrait of renown director Ulrich Seidl and a compilaton of works dealing with „home“ using footage of historical films.

Sixpack Film

A series of 12 postcards – one for every new entry. The distribution catalogue of Sixpack Film – the centre of Austrian Avant-garde – contains about 1.300 films at the moment.

Diagonale 2013 – the place to be for Austrian film-makers in March. The showrun of the last production year in Graz. Also a living sign of the 16 years lasting co-operation with up desigers berlin-wien.

Picture Perfect Sound

Exhibition at Medienwerkstatt Wien, March 2 – 18, 2013

Lighting up the space at the 63th Berlinale: poster for „Shirley – Visions of Reality“. A series of snapshots from the life of a fictional actress named Shirley serves to weave together thirteen paintings by Edward Hopper into a fascinating synthesis of painting and film, personal and political history. First feature film of avantgarde film-maker Gustav Deutsch, poster by Karl Ulbl.

How and why

Invited to a pitch for the re-design of the book series WAS IST WAS we presented 3 different propositons for the covers and two typografic variations. Unfortunately the publishers decided to go for a more childish design – which will not be successful in the long run, as we think.

Extra Aus- und Weiterbildung

Two special editions of „Karriere“ – 40 pages about apprenticeship and advanced training – as part of the „Berliner Morgenpost“.

if 12/13

Finally the printed work arrived, bound in elegant paper, smooth to touch, lovely to look at, easy to work with due to the binding – the sixth annual report of the film department of bm:ukk (Austria) designed by Walter Lendl.

MW 01/13

Medienwerkstatt Wien starts the year with a series of shows describing the different approaches of their work: avantgarde cinema from Japan, documentaries from Austria, discussions with students.

In the making

Printing is finished, the annual report of „innovative film austria“ (if) will be delivered in several days. Here you can see some impressions from the printing works at Remaprint/Vienna.