Sixpack Film

Image Flyer for the home of Austria’s avant-garde film-makers, known for providing the latest works and the most acclaimed artists for festivals all over the world.

The Last Dance – a forbidden love affair, winner of the Diagonale Award: Best Feature Film, Best Player (Erni Mangold), Poster-Design: Karl Ulbl

Starting on March 18th: the annual festival of Austrian film, where everybody involved in the business – directors, writers, producers, actors, journalists and – most important for the city of Graz – all the film lovers gather once again.

Berlinale 2014

Same procedure as every year: More than a dozen Austrian films are presented in Berlin and of course some of the posters are designed by up designers berlin-wien.

Bilder der flüchtigen Welt

Manfred Neuwirth will be honored at Diagonale 2014 as one of the most versatile Austrian film artists in presence – this is a teaser for the workbook, soon to be published and designed by Walter Lendl.

IF 13/14

IF (Innovate Film Austria) 13/14 – the latest annual report from the film department of the Ministry of Arts, Education and the Culture – soon to be seen at festivals all over the world …

World Aids Day

On December 1, the World Aids Day, „Of Living, Loving, Dying – 20 Years Later“ saw its first public screenings. The film by Manfred Neuwirth & Walter Hiller shows a picture of current life in the last two decades, painted by those who survived.

Behavior Setting

Carla Bobadilla: „Emergency Sale“ + Petra Buchegger: „The Maternal Makes Everything Flourish“ at Medienwerkstatt Wien, 2013/11/30 – 2013/12/16, installments, videos, objects.

Walk This Way

Art in public space – reminders of the Holocaust you can follow in Graz walking the streets of the city. Mahnmal Lauftext © Catrin Bolt. Design: Karl Ulbl.

4 days, 6 documentaries, 2 screenings every day. Films selected from the distribution catalogue of Sixpack Film, screened in Vienna’s Top-Kino. Q & A with the directors.

A symposium on art in a special place – with works by Catrin Bolt, Gruppo Tökmag, Michaela Mück, Giorgi Okropiridse, Sabine Ott, Edith Payer, Hanna Schimek, Nino Sekhniashvili and Dragana B. Stevanovic. Catalogue: Karl Ulbl

The Shine of Day

This highly acclaimed Austrian movie (Best actor – Locarno 2012, Max-Ophüls-Preis 2013, Großer Diagonale-Preis) will finally be shown to the German public starting the 26th of September. Poster Design: Karl Ulbl.