Career w/ Style

In October 2014 the supplement „Karriere“ got a face lift – according to the re-design of „Berliner Morgenpost“: more white space, lighter type – fresh and young …

Catrin Bolt: Alltagsskulpturen Mahnmal

Temporary Installation – Text fragments in public places – outtakes from the reports of contemporary witnesses of the daily Nazi terror. Catalogue: Karl Ulbl, Catrin Bolt

Start-up Night

Supplement „Lange Nacht der Start-ups“, second edition. Designed and produced by Walter Lendl, editor: Susanne Hörr.

School’s out

2014 Summer Special of Karriere supplement about job opportunities for young adults in search of apprenticeship – Wanted, not found.

Schubert und ich explores the question of virtuosity in a person’s life; their ability to survive as human beings. Pianist and conductor Marino Formenti is going to teach five people, all of them with little prior knowledge of music, songs from Schubert’s comprehensive œuvre. Design: Karl Ulbl

Sixpack Film

Image Flyer for the home of Austria’s avant-garde film-makers, known for providing the latest works and the most acclaimed artists for festivals all over the world.

The Last Dance – a forbidden love affair, winner of the Diagonale Award: Best Feature Film, Best Player (Erni Mangold), Poster-Design: Karl Ulbl

Starting on March 18th: the annual festival of Austrian film, where everybody involved in the business – directors, writers, producers, actors, journalists and – most important for the city of Graz – all the film lovers gather once again.

Berlinale 2014

Same procedure as every year: More than a dozen Austrian films are presented in Berlin and of course some of the posters are designed by up designers berlin-wien.

Bilder der flüchtigen Welt

Manfred Neuwirth will be honored at Diagonale 2014 as one of the most versatile Austrian film artists in presence – this is a teaser for the workbook, soon to be published and designed by Walter Lendl.

IF 13/14

IF (Innovate Film Austria) 13/14 – the latest annual report from the film department of the Ministry of Arts, Education and the Culture – soon to be seen at festivals all over the world …

World Aids Day

On December 1, the World Aids Day, „Of Living, Loving, Dying – 20 Years Later“ saw its first public screenings. The film by Manfred Neuwirth & Walter Hiller shows a picture of current life in the last two decades, painted by those who survived.