The biennial Vienna Queer Film Festival was launched in 1994 and sees a continously growing public every two years when it takes place. The graphic design is our business – from the beginning to the last event this year.

„Right in the middle of life.  Obviously. With equal rights. Visible.“ The guideline for the festival may also be useful for the art direction – plain, straight forward, visible.

„identities 2013 is the latest attempt to manifest this sharpened awareness of a world becoming visibly diverse in Austria. For ten days the festival enables one to dive into fictional and documentary explorations into modern life models and to emerge – after an intensive cinematic  boost – emotionally encouraged to demand, based on these new experiences and knowledge, the visibility and relevance of one’s own existence. To claim intellectual and practical expansion of horizons and to exemplify them oneself. Dusty retro attitudes don’t charm anyone any more. Sometime soon the twenty-first century must arrive in Austria.“ (Barbara Reumüller)