In 1998 das möbel > das café opened in the 7th district of Vienna, a bar equipped with tables, chairs and objects developed and produced by young designers. A place where you could not only get coffee and apple strudel, but also purchase the interior – or part of it, fresh-surprising design – and you still can.

Since 1998, hundreds of national and international designers have presented their products – considerably more than 2000 – to the public. Established furniture makers and designers have found their way here as much as design students and newcomers, many of whom rank among the shooting stars of the design scene. And a new generation is already at their heels – because das möbel still is, and will remain, an open platform for young designers and producers.

To do justice to this development and to make it accessible to a bigger audience, the website www.dasmoebel.at has been presenting an overview of all the products and many articles on designers since 1999, accompanied by several catalogues (since 2004) and a series of postcards – all designed by Karl Ulbl.

das möbel > das geschäft (since 2006) is both show-place on three floors and a venue for creativity. Contemporary ideas for new living spaces emerge (and stand) here. Lamps, chairs, tables, shelves, beds, sofas and home accessories from numerous European manufacturers are presented here in rotation. Main focus: Design from Austria.